Ephedrine vs Dendrobium

Ephedrine vs Dendrobium: War of the Stimulants



Ephedrine has recently come under the microscope again, and once again, it’s not available anywhere at this time. So naturally people begin searching for the closest alternative.

Nothing seems to ever live up to the potency of ephedrine. Ephedrine’s ability to increase energy, burn fat, suppress appetite, increase focus, strength, and also help with asthma and nasal congestion relief.

Many products have popped up on the market to compete with ephedrine. 1-3 DMAA (Geranium Extract) did a fairly good job, arguably stronger than ephedrine, but the side effects were bad. 1-3 DMAA also wasn’t nearly as “clean” as ephedrine, there were a ton of side effects and a hard crash from 1-3.

It’s always funny to see an over hyped “ephedrine replacement”, but dendrobium extract is the best replacement yet. Both ephedrine and dendrobium work the best when stacked with caffeine – caffeine works to emphasize the fat burning and energy boosting effects of these ingredients, creating thermogenesis and leaving your body in a constant fat burning state.

Why Dendrobium Works So Well

Dendrobium is a kick-ass product, very similar to ephedrine, with some extra benefits (mood enhancement, and more).

Dendrobium comes from a very similar background (view product info here), and because of that works nearly exactly the same as ephedrine. In fact, most people actually seem to like dendrobium better, and seem to be getting better fat loss results! (This may have to do with the fact that a 610mg dendrobium dose is tolerable, vs 600mg of ephedrine would put you in the ground or in hospital at the very least).

There are companies out there making a mockery of dendrobium – selling under dosed, cheap products in order to make a quick buck. Some dendrobium supplements have a dose as low as 10mg (Useless).

Luckily, we have done the homework of sourcing the STRONGEST dendrobium extract for you at the lowest price. At a strongest market dose of 610mg per capsule, and a strong extract, this product will make you forget ephedrine once and for all. Stock up before it gets banned.

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One extremely notable effect of dendrobium is that it works the same as ephedrine, but also has a dramatic effect on focus and mood enhancement. Dendrobium is fresh on the market, but there’s no doubt that it’s going to be the next big thing. Hopefully the government doesn’t ban it!

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